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Furniture kits improving

Date:2015-11-26  Source:REIDZ  Browse Time:1452
The new version RZ-JX-03 has the following improved point and advantages :

1).The quantity of the leds are increased to 24pcs RGB +8pcs White color LED ( the former model is 18pcs Max),
so the new led light is much more brighter.

2) We add one circle 8pcs white leds to the PCB , warm white or cool white is ok ( for option).

If you only want the white colour, no RGB color, you can just press the button.

3) Added the battery protection function,that means when you don't use the battey and shut it down,

the energy will be saved, the power of the battery won't loss. The old model RZ-BL-02 led light don't have this function.

4). We use 4400mAh batteries for the new led lights, so the LED light can work longer time, the old one use 2200mAh battery.
5). We also use new remote controller for the new led lights, the new remote controller has more keys for chosing colors and control model directly,
it's more convenient to control the led lights.


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