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APTE: to visit the American lighting market to explore the future direction of development

Date:2015-02-04  Source:gg-led.com  Browse Time:5513
The white policy promulgated by the United States brings a great opportunity to Chinese LED enterprises and ignites a boom on LED lighting in the market of North America. It not only represents opportunity but also challenge. As a result, there are some questions following, such as what the exiting circumstance in the lighting market of North America is, what the specific potential demand is, how to start the business, how to avoid the trade barrier and so on. With the sequent questions, APT Electronics Ltd.(hereafter referred to as APTE) is well-prepared to attend the 2015 Lightfair International in Las Vegas in order to explore the future direction of development in the global lighting market.

APTE: to visit the American lighting market to explore the future direction of development

  The research institute --- LED inside, predicts that the total output of global LED lighting industry in 2015 will reach to US$25.7 billion which occupies 31.3% of total output in the whole lighting market. Moreover, in the coming year, the capacity of the whole Europe will account for 23% in global LED lighting market, while China occupies 21% and the United States 19%. Though to enter into the market in North America is a good chance, many Chinese LED industries fail to catch the chance.
  As for Chinese manufacturers, though it is not easy to enter into the North American market, it is still the significant beginning to enter into the international lighting market. It is also the good opportunity for APTE to join into the international competition. Under the leadership of Doctor David Xiao, APTE always adheres to the developing route which matches technology with market to earn the recognition from the whole market. In recent years, in the field of LED, the upper and middle industrial chain is formed, including manufacturing of epitaxial wafer, chip and module and the production line of LED engine products. In 2011, through the self researching and developing, APTE was the first to launch wire-free packaging product in the domestic market. What’s more, E-star (3535) is the first product in China that obtains LM80 certification and is wildly used in street lighting. To launch E-series product represents the beginning of the age of wire-free packaging product and as well makes LED become popular in daily life.
  In the meanwhile, APTE will expedite the development of standard optical engine. As for now, APTE sets up a united lab with GSC (Guangdong Solid State Lighting Industry Innovation Center) and some excellent industries which becomes the first standard lighting united testing lab. So far, APTE has already proposed ten specifications of the level one standard engine and marketed the corresponding product, e.g. SMD 3014 and high power ceramic-based 3535.
  APTE, with a long term’s preparation, will take the exhibition as the very beginning to enter into the international market. As known, APTE will focus on launching the wire-free packaging products, such as COB, SMD, White chip as well as the home lighting product-LED optical engine. So as a conclusion, welcome to the 2015 Lightfair International to give support to APTE on booth 645.
  More information about APTE:
  Website: www.apt-hk.com <http://www.apt-hk.com>
  Exhibition: 2015 Lightfair International
  Date: Feb. 24-26, 2015
  Site: Las Vegas
  Booth of APTE: 645

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